Saturday, December 31, 2011


I feel like I should do a 2011 recap post today but I feel like if you have read my blog at all this year - you have pretty much lived the recap with me.

2011 has been a pretty amazing year.  The highlight was obviously having Hollis. She has brought so much light and joy into our home. And watching Harper grow from a toddler to a little girl is better than I could imagine.

2011 brought Scott a new job that has been a blessing to our family. It brought me a new role of teaching Sunday School instead of just being in a couple's class.

2011 let me travel to the amazon jungle in Ecuador with 4 of my favorite blogger friends in the world and an organization I love deeply so that I could work with YOU on helping children get out of poverty and change the world one kid at a time!

2011 gave me a lot of opportunities through blogging that helps this little mom have a small sense of purpose outside the home. Thankful for God opening tiny doors for me to serve Him.

2011 was a WONDERFUL year! It was also a hard year. A year when I found out being the mom of two kids under two is TOUGH!!! The biggest blessing but exhausting, selfless work. So so thankful!

2011 brought me so much joy with our families and with my amazing friends. I realize over and over how blessed I am. And I don't take it for granted.

2011 was even a good year for the Arkansas Razorbacks! :-)

Last year my only New Years Resolution was to "just survive".  I knew I was having a baby and I knew it would be hard (understatement of the year) and I didn't want to make resolutions to be more organized or to lose weight or to read more because thankfully I had a little wisdom to know I just needed every ounce of energy I had to take care of these girls and keep our home running. That was a great resolution.

This year my goal again is to just survive. But I'm feeling a little more in control these days finally. So I might want to try getting healthier and hopefully lose some weight. I hope to get more organized. I hope to spend more time each day with Jesus. I hope to share my faith more with boldness. I hope to serve God more and serve others a lot more. I hope to give more than I get. I hope to love people I don't feel like loving. I hope to be a better mother. I hope to guide my girls to be amazing little people. I hope to be a better wife. I hope to be a better friend. I hope to be a better daughter. I hope to have a cleaner house.

I'm going to need a lot of Sonic drinks and a lot of prayer to get all this done.

But most of all - I hope to just treasure every moment. We never know when it might be our last day. We never know what tomorrow may bring. I want to just survive this year and live the best life day by day I can.

What about you? What are your goals/hopes/resolutions for 2012?

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