Monday, December 19, 2011

Nine Months

Hollis - you are NINE months old!
I can't believe you are getting so close to your first birthday!

You will have a checkup on Wednesday so I'll have to come back and update your stats.
According to me weighing you - you are around 20 lbs. I think you are about 2 lbs bigger than your sister was at this age.
I do know you are wearing 9 month and mostly 12 month clothes.
I just moved you up to a size 4 diaper.

You are a GREAT eater.  We recently started in on table food and you love everything.  You have ate peas, beans, peaches, pears, sweet potatos, avacado, carrots, potatos, cheese, bananas and cheerios.

You usually take two pretty good naps a day. Because of our schedule - you usually only get one good nap at home and one on the run. You have been ready to go to bed by 6:30 lately. You start getting fussy and just pass out. You sleep until around 7 every morning but you get up at least 3 times a night still. You have never once slept through the night. (sigh)

You still just have two teeth - on the bottom.

You are a BUSY BUSY girl. You are crawling EVERYWHERE.  You also LOVE pulling up and standing. You have even stood for a second or two by yourself. I'm scared you are going to walk early. I'm not ready for that. You love to crawl all over the house and get into everything. The fun thing is now you and Harper are starting to really play together. It's so sweet.

You babble a lot. And laugh a lot. You say "momma" and "dad-da" some. I think you are saying "ba-ba" for bottle too. You have a real sweet personality.

You are waving bye and you always reach up for me to hold you! You love to sit in the floor and play with toys - especially in Harper's room.

You are so great to take out. You love to shop and be on the go.

You are GREAT at church. They always tell me how good and sweet and happy you are in the nursery. I am SOOOO thankful for that. Harper never liked the nursery at this age but you gladly go and do so well. It's the best feeling to know I can leave you and you are happy.

Nonny and Papa are keeping Harper this week and I've been able to spend the week with just you. It's so sweet getting to have one on one time with you and just soak up this baby stage.  I love giving you my undivided attention. Even when Harper is here - you are still just as special to me. I love both of you girls equally. I can't imagine my life without either one of you. I am SO blessed to be your mother! I love you!

It was REALLY hard to get your picture this month. You did NOT want to sit still in the bed so this was the best we could do.  You are growing so much. You have changed so much.  I look back at how dark your hair was at first.....

I don't think you and Harper look as much alike in this month.  There are times you remind me of each other and times you are completely different. And it's perfect that way!

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