Thursday, December 01, 2011

Monograms, Guitars and Dance

FIRST and VERY important!
Tomorrow morning I will be hosting a monogram swap!!! You can do this however you want - I am making a little blog where I will post my items with prices (most I'm giving just for like $4 shipping and some I'm selling) and I will link to that. You can post items on your blog and link up or just leave your email in comments if you don't have a blog so people can contact you.
When you link up - put the names or initials in the title so people can find each other easily (Example: "H", Harper", "Hollis", "HBS").
I think this will be a great way to sell or get rid of monogrammed stuff. I'm mostly thinking kids clothes but you could post other items as well - bags, etc.
OR - this could be a good time to come shop and get good deals on monogrammed stuff!

We had a busy day. We started off by going to play group.  We aren't able to go to play group anymore because of speech but we had it earlier this week so I was excited to go.  And Harper was excited because it was at the home of two boys and they had all kinds of fun toys she never sees like cars, trains, airplanes, swords and guitars.

I think I found what we are getting her for Christmas.  She was walking around taking requests. She said "How about 'Jesus Loves Me'"? ha!

And then she dressed like a pirate. Oh dear.

After nap, we went to try out dance class. Well - it was a disaster. We left before it was even over. The problem was we tried to go to a slightly older class for 3-5 year olds and Harper was the baby and just couldn't follow directions well. She was kind of doing her own thing. Luckily it was several of my close friends' little girls in there so I wasn't totally embarrassed.

I was going to wait a year but we MAY try a 2-3 year old class first and see if that makes a difference. Harper was so excited to wear her outfit and go.

We had a birthday party to go to afterwards but we had a meltdown and it was just too much. So we came home to just relax. 

Hollis did have fun with her best friend Lela today. They can finally sit together and play and girl talk! :-)

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