Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Harperisms and a feature

I thought it was time for me to write down some more "Harper-isms" so I won't forget what she is saying at this age.  We are 6 weeks away from turning 3 and just hilarious.

Harper loves to pray before bed and meals.  It is SO sweet to my heart to hear her saying "Thank you Jesus. I love you Jesus".  She likes to pray for her family and friends.  Last night she insisted on praying for all the dogs in our extended family and for Laurie's car. ha! She kills me.

Every night when she goes to bed - she requests the same 5 songs in the same exact order and I  MUST sing them or she will have a fit.  Sometimes I sing them in fast forward. ha! "Jesus Loves Me", "ABC", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Jesus loves the little children" and "Lord's Army".

She is always saying (especially if she is in trouble and wants to get out of it): "I"m proud of you Momma".

My favorite thing about her right now is pretty much everything I tell her to do - where she would normally always balk or say no or throw a fit - she now says "Okay Momma, Okay" and then does it. So happy!

Apparently she hears me saying "Be sweet to Hollis" a lot because she has started saying "Daddy, be sweet to Mommy. Mommy be sweet to Daddy".

She also is always saying "I love Mommy TOO. I love Daddy TOO." ha! 

I am loving Christmas this year because she has finally started being aware of it. Last year she kind of got it but this year she is noticing the lights and the trees and it's fun watching her excitement. We haven't decorated our house yet (hopefully this week) so I know she will be THRILLED. We went through the Christmas and toy section of Wal-Mart today and she kept saying "WOW!" "WOW!" ha! Oh life through the eyes of a child - it's the best!

and I got asked by two girls to do a feature on their blogs today. Check them out - I felt a little intimidated - they seem so amazing and stylish and creative and fun and they love God! I've had fun looking at their blogs recently and I think you will too! They might become new favorites for you!!!!


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