Thursday, December 01, 2011

Monogram Swap

I know some of you, okay probably a lot of you - think I'm cuckoo with the monogramming but I will not lie - I LOVE it! I will say that I mostly monogram things when they are babies and then lay off around age two. But I love it. (did I say that already?)
And I know I'm not alone...............

SO - if you have monogrammed clothes you would like to sell or give away - this is your day!
If you are in the market for some cute monogrammed clothes for your kids or babies to be - this is your day!

1. You can write a post and put up pics of what you have to sell and people can leave you comments with their their emails if they want to buy.
2. You can write a post and just share the names or initials you have on things and then people can contact you privately to see what you have.
3. You can leave a comment here with names or initials you have (if you don't have a blog) along with your email address and people can contact you privately to see what you have.

IF you are shopping - just leave comments and your email address and work it out from there.

I set up a little blog to put up what I have. I get emails constantly asking if I want to sell. I have already given away most of my "Harper" clothes - but I'm putting up what I have left along with my Hollis stuff. If you know anyone having a baby named Hollis (girl) - you need to send them over!
(I sold all mine - so I took this blog private. Thanks!)

Okay - tweet, facebook or blog about this - hopefully we can get a BIG day going and we can all find things or sell our stuff! 
Spread the word!!!

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