Saturday, December 03, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

 We are having a fun but busy weekend - isn't that how almost all of December is? I don't know about y'all - but December is NUTS! And I love it.  Last night we had our Sunday School party at Laurie and Steve's house. Laurie and Steve recently took over teaching our class! We had so much fun - there were around 16 couples there and our kids all went to Parents Night out at church or some had babysitters. We had a potluck dinner and it was SOOOO good!
This is Julie, Jessica, Vonda and Robin.
 Kacy and Amanda - these are two of my favorite and funniest friends
 Erin and Rachel - two of the prettiest and most selfless girls I know
 I love our parties - they are always so typical - all the men hang out together in one room and all the women in the other. I took this picture just to prove that the husbands were indeed there.
 Ladies in red - Mary Avery and Laurie
 Amber and Tracy - love these girls!
 Me with Ginger and Rachel
 This morning our friend Neely had her 4th birthday party at the local jump place! Laurie held Hollis for me part of the time!
 All the kids!
 They had pizza and cake - Harper was in heaven! She had the best time!
 Sarah Kate and the birthday girl - isn't Neely pretty?
I have been on a MISSION to find Burlap. It's so popular right now and I wanted to do one of my trees in some burlap but everywhere has been out of it. Someone told me to try Home Depot and I finally found some. Who knew they had such fun carts? Harper had the best time and Hollis was laughing the whole time too. We may go to Home Depot some times this winter to just walk around and ride in this buggy!

Well - I'm determined to get my Christmas up this weekend so I'm signing off so I can get busy!!!

P.S. Can you help?
The Groeneveld family who live in Goldsboro, NC, lost their home last night because of fire. They have already served 2 years as Medical Missionaries to Africa, but now have 3 kids and plan to go back in the Fall of 2012. They have been raising support this year. They literally have nothing now. Is there anyway you can help us with this?
Here is our church website that tells you more about this.

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