Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Special Ears Update

Today we traveled to Little Rock for a check up on our special ears.

My dad had been in Dallas visiting my Grandma (who is home from the hospital and doing better!) and flew in to Little Rock right when we got there so we were able to meet him for a quick lunch before our appointment.

We had a long afternoon of tests. After a drive in the car and no naps and just bring two - it was a little tough but I thought Harper did great. I know I've said it before but we love our audiologist so much. She has made this whole thing worlds better!!!

Harper is doing well and tests showed the hearing aids are helping. She wears them about half the day now but we are on a mission now to get full time wear. It's not easy but I think we can do it. She actually doesn't mind wearing them but only a couple hours at a time. We also are going to try wearing them away from home now.
They did advise us to start speech therapy and have a great therapist for us to work with so I'm excited to get started.

And poor Hollis did so good. They were both sound asleep before our car left the hospital parking lot!

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