Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Circle of Life

I never really watched Disney movies until recently.  I was just never was interested in seeing a cartoon and I'm sure I saw some when I was little but I don't remember them too much. 

But thankfully at our house......we have moved away from Elmo, Mickey Mouse and Barney (although they still make an appearance every once in a while) and we have entered the world of Disney Movies.

So far our very favorite is "Tangled" or as Harper calls it "wrangled".  I have to admit - it's my favorite too. I love the songs in that one ......especially "Mother knows best".  ha!  She also loves "Beast" (Beauty and the Beast).  Lion King came out today and I think she has seen so many ads for it on her own videos that she was excited about it.  So we plan to get that and I recently got on ebay and ordered "The Jungle Book" and "The Little Mermaid".  Harper likes movies that have music in them.  She also seems to like princess movies.  We also like "Bambi" (which I think is so depressing).

 I bought her Mary Poppins but she's not too excited about that yet.  I think the cartoons will win for at least another year. I've never even seen Lion King (I saw the Broadway play in NYC but not the actual movie) so I'm excited to watch it with her.  I do love the music!

What is your favorite Disney movie or what is your child's favorite?

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