Friday, October 28, 2011

Show us you life - Moms of only children

I know the good majority of you who read here are moms - but so many of you aren't. Or you are "older" moms or working moms or whatever. I know you would like to find more blogs "like you".  So over the next few months - I will do a series of "connecting" link ups.  Where hopefully you can find bloggers in your same stage of life or maybe even that live near you? I'd love to have your ideas on others we can do - I have all the topics listed on my left side but if you have any other ideas - please let me know.

I got a request to do a link up for moms of only children.  There are many of you who may have just one child by choice or just by circumstance and it would be nice to talk to other moms on what that is like.  My husband is an only child and so is my best friend Laurie. I honestly thought for a while that Harper would be an only child but we got surprised!!

So if you blog - and you have just one child and think it will stay that way - please link up and I hope y'all can be good resources to each other.

You don't have to necessarily do a blog post for this one - just link up your blog. 

And now I'm thinking of other ways to connect:
Moms of big families (maybe 4 or more kids?)
Single moms
Military wives/moms
Ministry wives/moms

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