Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Girl Room

I've been saying forever that I was going to try and keep Harper in a crib until she was in kindergarten.  And I still halfway wish I could.  She's never been a great sleeper and I'm just afraid this is going to make things worse.  We are having trouble with her staying on her mat at MDO (she SURE won't take a nap there) so I'm afraid it will be the same way with a big girl bed.  And locks, childproof knobs, baby gates - nothing can contain that girl - she can work them all.  BUT she has been very interested in her friends' big beds and I think the time is coming.
So I'm starting to plan out her big girl room.  I think for her birthday in a little over 2 months - it will be time to fix it up.  I'm using Pinterest to help me plan out my ideas.  Her room is chocolate brown and I don't want to paint over that so I'm just going to keep that and add in light pinks and grays.  I'm hoping to make it cute and girly.  Here are some of my ideas (just things for inspiration - not actual things I plan to buy):

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

I'm going to start looking in local shops to try and find some kind of neat antique white bed for her! I love the look of this one.

I want a grey comforter kind of like this. I LOVE LOVE ruffles and flowers so I want something in this style.

And I think this tulle bedskirt would be so girly and fun!
Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pillow!!! It would look so cute on that grey bedding!
Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

I'd like to get an extra large frame in light pink like this to frame a cute black and white picture of Harper for her wall.
Source: None via Kelly on Pinterest

And if I decide to get CRAZY and crafty - I could make some of these felt poms in grey and pink to hang above her bed! 

Right now I'm just having fun planning out a big girl room. I'm hoping it's something she could grow with for several years.  And how much do I LOVE Pinterest. I thought at first it was kind of dumb but now I can't get enough! (If only I had more hours in the day)
And I leave you with this really sweet Compassion Testimony!
My family and I began sponsoring Hazel from El Salvador a couple of years ago when you went on that trip!  We chose Hazel because she is the same age as Abby, my daughter (now 7).  They enjoy writing to each other and sending drawings.  In fact, Abby talks about her quite frequently.   It is such a blessing to hear from Hazel on a regular basis and find out what she is learning at her center.  We always send her extra money at her birthday and she will send us a picture of her gifts.  I think it has really helped my daughter's perspective on material items to see what  Hazel is excited about getting.  We also sent her family some money last year and I got the most touching letter from Hazel's mother.  I have it in a safe place and will treasure it forever.  She not only thanked us for the gifts but for "saving" (her words) Hazel.  She then wrote the prayer she prays for our family on a regular basis.  I can't even put into words how special that is.  We keep Hazel's picture on our refrigerator to remember her and pray for her.  Being a Compassion sponsor is wonderful experience.  I have no doubt that we are blessed just as much, if not more, by the giving as Hazel is in the receiving.  Once my son gets a little older (he's 3) and can understand a little better, we will chose a child his age to sponsor.
Stephanie Whittington
Richmond, VA

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