Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blog Lunch and Razorbacks

 Hollis and I had a fun Friday.  We met up with friends for lunch.  She is already wearing some 12 month outfits - I can't believe it.
 We ate at a local tea room and next to our table was this little "closet" - we put the babies in there and were calling it the baby closet.  I like to think of this as three future "ladies who lunch".
 This is Laurie, Leah, Niki, Lauren, Whitney, Hillary, Amanda, Jennifer and Me.  Lauren is a blog friend who came from FL to visit all her AR blog/twitter friends.  I had met her once before and also Whitney but it was my first time meeting Leah or Nikki.  They were all so nice. It was fun to get together!
 I loved this picture - Hillary with Sadie (6 months), Amanda with Lela (4 months), Jennifer with Jillian (13 months) and me and Hollis (7 months).  If Hillary would just move to NWA - these 4 could be BFF! Precious girls!  Their mommas are pretty precious to me too - these are 3 of my favorite friends.
 Harper had a fun little "orange" party at school on Friday and got to have pizza and cookies! She was having her own fun while we were lunching.
 This has been one of those great weekends where we had NO plans.  We slept in a little and Scott took us to get donuts.  If you are wondering - one Krispy Kreme is 5 WW points. And worth every last point!
 We dressed in hog gear to watch the hogs. We might should have stayed in our PJ's.  We won - but it was U-G-L-Y.  Did you happen to watch our game? In the words of Rachel Zoe - it was "bah-nanas".  Seriously - the SEC is crazy.  I don't know how we keep winning these games - we are the luckiest team this year.
Lots of bloggers and twitterers are always posting their OOTD (outfit of the day).  I would be embarrassed to post mine most days but I thought I would today since I had my Hog Spirit on! :-) We love those hogs!

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