Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Pictures

 I decided to take the girls to a local church selling pumpkins today to try and take a few pictures and buy a few pumpkins for our house.  Do y'all have any idea how hard it is to get two kids two and under to look at you - much less smile at you in the same picture? I bet I took close to 100 pictures and I was sweating and flapping my arms and acting a FOOL and this is about the only picture they were both looking and they look mad as hornets. ha!

I guess it wouldn't be true to life if all my pictures were of two perfectly posed babies, huh?

 I got Hollis' outfit at the cutest Etsy shop.  This is the only picture she smiled in but Harper was looking off and mad so I had to crop her out. ha!

I love these two little pumpkins!

Here is a Compassion story from Ashley Mays:
I saw your post regarding people guest posting on your blog about why they chose to sponsor their Compassion kids. I have three Compassion kids, but one of them has a particularly incredible story. I've already written about it on my own blog, and on Compassion's blog, but I'd love to post about it again! The short of it is that I had a dear friend who passed away in Afghanistan last year, and weeks after he died, I saw a little boy online who shared his first and middle names. I ended up going on a sponsor tour this past August and was able to meet my little boy on the one year anniversary of my friend's death. You can read the story onCompassion's blog or here on my blog  (

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