Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Our weekend was a little slower than normal for once and I was so grateful. I feel as though we are always running around with things to do - so it was nice to have a Saturday where I didn't even get dressed or comb my hair and we stayed in PJ's!
I've been working with Harper on speech stuff at home and our therapist uses objects to help with sounds so I wanted to gather up similar objects we could practice with.  I needed a few animals and I found this "barn" kit at Wal-Mart for like $2.  Harper thought it was the greatest toy ever. She played with it forever Friday afternoon. Who knew? It's always the thing you think they won't like, huh?
We got an unexpected last minute date night Friday night. Our local MOPS put on a Parents night out so we decided to take Harper and go out to eat with Laurie and Steve.  Hollis came with us.  Harper had so much fun because a lot of her church friends went to it so she got to go play and we got to eat a nice meal with friends.  Of course - I was laughing all the way home about how our dates are not so "hot" anymore.  Laurie and Steve had to leave halfway through dinner because the MOPS called and Emily had thrown up.  Hollis is teething and was really fussy by that point anyway and when we got Harper and were driving home - both girls were tired and were both screaming/crying.  All we could do is laugh.
(On a side note - I look really tan in this picture which is funny because I am pale as a ghost right now.  But let's just pretend I just got back from Hawaii or something) ha!
Harper is really becoming so much more of a little girl.  Some nights I put Hollis to bed and then let her stay up a little later.  Her new favorite thing is to get in "Daddy's bed" (I always say "I sleep there too????") and watch movies on his iPad.  He will lay in there and watch football or whatever and she will wear headphones and just watch movies so quietly.  It's really nice because I can use that time to get things done and they are spending a little quality time together.
We stayed in our PJ's Saturday but I did have to put the girls in their razorback outfits for our big game on Saturday.  Our big game wasn't so hot but we did win in the end so I guess that is what matters! And now we are #8!! Go hogs! How cute are these outfits? My friend Rebekah had them made for me before Hollis was born. I love this picture!
We were pretty lazy the rest of the day.  One of our favorite places to eat is Panera and we just got a new one with a DRIVE THROUGH (this has the potential to be life changing for me!) so we drove thru in our pj's Saturday night and got dinner. I got Harper some macaroni and cheese that she thought was so good. She would say "Thank you Mommy! MMMMMM!" after every bite!

Today is a busy day of church, naps and more church.  I'm thankful to have this blog to write about even our slow weekends. It might be boring to most of you but I will look back in 10 years and treasure every picture and every word I wrote as I remember these days when Saturdays are not so relaxing but I wouldn't trade them for the world!

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