Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hiking Boots and Happy Birthday

The girls and I went to Bible Study this morning and then we went to visit an older man in our church.  Once a month the women in our Bible Study visit shut ins/ homebound.  We visit a man named Mr. Johnny and Harper had the BEST time at his house. I don't normally take them but I think he liked it - he told me to "make sure and bring them again next time".  And she blew him kisses all the way out to the car.  Laurie usually goes with me but she had a sick kid today.
After lunch and naps I packed us up to go to Academy Sports.  I've never been there before because I am clearly not athletic or outdoorsy.  The closest I have ever come to the outdoors is the one and only time I ever went camping and canoeing 16 years ago on a sorority outing.  I'm just not one with the outdoors. And luckily even though Scott likes to hunt - he's not big on camping either.  BUT part of our Ecuador trip includes taking a canoe ride in the Amazon where we need to wear special bug repellent clothes, a jungle hat and hiking boots and malaria meds.  Be very afraid.
So I am prepared and ready to go.  I asked for the cheapest hiking boots and when they rang them up I realized they were the "Harper" model.  Meant to be! Amanda happened to blog today about buying her gear too.  Hey - we are willing to do whatever if it means that some of you will sponsor kids through Compassion!  I'm getting so excited for my trip but I have so much to get ready over the next 13 days!

and a BIG Happy birthday to our firstborn Dawson Wagner Stamps (did you really think I didn't give him a middle name?) who turns nine today!

How much do I love seeing my girls start to play together? I couldn't help but post this picture!

Here are two Compassion Testimonies:

The first is from Hannah
My name is Hannah and I'm a recent college graduate (Go Lee Flames!). I've been sponsering my child, Florah for almost 2 years now. Florah lives in Kenya with her parents and two siblings. Her birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and she will be 7 years old. I had heard about Compassion at one of the Passion conferences in Atlanta and as a college student who was learning about money and finances, I started to look more into it. I really felt challenged to give up a portion of my money each month to bless this little child. I found myself spending so much money on things that are fleeting, when the $38.00/month for Compassion is of eternal value. Once I realized just how much the monthly fee gives these children and how much it blesses the well-being of their entire families, I couldn't pass it up. There is nothing that makes my day more than receiving mail from sweet Florah. Her pictures are on my fridge and the coloring pages she sends me are in my room. I cry every time I read her letters because of HER love for ME and HER prayers for ME. She is so thankful and grateful for me...and it encourages my faith so much. The area she lives in is an HIV/AIDS community and that has just been on my heart for some time now. Compassion is actually taking a trip to Kenya in March, but I just missed the deadline. I know I will meet Florah someday, and I can hardly wait! I can honestly say that Compassion International and Florah have been far more of a blessing to me, then I will EVER be to them! 
And this is from Wendy (Mom of 8!!!)
We have church on Wednesday nights, so the routine around here is that my husband brings home pizza either on his way home from work or after dropping off the boys for football.
We have a divided census over whether we should get Papa Johns or Dominos. Life's tough right? Not really. That's how a conversation started about children in other places who do have it hard. Really hard.
Sometimes small children can only comprehend so much about how other kids have it bad. Dirt floors, starving tummies, lack of clean water and so on. We kinda have these talks periodically because some of my kids are too little to remember a conversation we had 6 months ago. It needs repeating.
We ended up turning to how we can sponsor a child in another country and help someone who is deprived of so much. Someone who has so little while we complain over what kind of pizza we bought.
The children got extremely excited and all agreed that they wanted to adopt a child from China immediately. Unfortunately, we had to explain we can't adopt a child to live with us right now, but we can still adopt/sponsor/pray for a child through the Christian company Compassion.
They still were very happy and agreed as we all ran to look on the computer-- we immediately found a little 4 year old who everyone wanted to think of as a sister from another country: Lucie, who stole everyone's heart.
The kids have decided to save extra to send her a Christmas/birthday present because her birthday is 2 days after Christmas.
I think Sophia is the most excited, already drawing her pictures to send and constantly talking about how she loves her new sister in Burkina Faso; She wants to know if she can meet her one day.
I love my family and I love that we can help a little girl so far away. And who knows, maybe one day, Lucie can meet the 8 (soon to be 9) little people who live in America and love her already.
And this is my blog Pink Slippers.

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