Monday, October 10, 2011

A plethora of things

  • I love to look back and compare my girls at the same ages.  It's just fun to see the similarities and the differences.  This is both girls at around 7 months.  Same nose and mouth for sure.  It makes me so curious to see what Hollis will look like when she is almost 3.

  • This is TMI so skip this part if you are easily offended or aren't a mom. :-)  But we had a big day today because Harper went #2 in the potty all on her own.  She just went in and did it and then came to get me to show me. ha!  I know this can be a big struggle so I'm excited that we are making progress.  Sorry for over sharing but I need somewhere to write this big milestone down. :-)

  • The winner of the Blue Door Boutique giveaway is #1931 - Sandi Gay!!!! I'm emailing you Sandi! So fun!

  • I have something I'm so excited about to share with you tomorrow!! I'm NOT pregnant, I'm not writing a book and I don't have a giveaway.  It's just something that God is hopefully going to do something big with and I'm excited to share with all of you!!!!

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