Sunday, October 09, 2011

Muffins, Hogs and Cupcakes

 I have to start off our weekend round up by sharing that on Thursday we wore our special ears for 7 hours - almost the whole time we were awake except for baths and naps, etc.  And on Friday Harper wore her hearing aids to school for the first time! She wore them almost the whole day and I was SO proud of her!
We start speech therapy this week and I can hardly wait. I think Harper will like it and they say within a year she should really be talking well! (She talks a TON now - but sometimes I may be the only one who can fully understand her).
 Saturday morning we had a women's event at our church - Mugs and Muffins.  It's something I always love.  Here are my friends Elizabeth, Amanda and Erin.  Elizabeth is having a baby and I'm SOOO thrilled for her.  She just found out what she's having but she can't tell anyone until they tell all their family this week.  I'm dying to know!
These are a couple of the other VERY YOUNG girls at the event!!! Lorrel, Susan and Susan.

These are three of my favorite women at church.  Susan in the middle was our speaker.  She is a Christian Counselor and she had some great things to share.  She EMBARRASSED me (really I should say CHAWED THE FIRE OUT OF ME) at the beginning because she making jokes about getting older and she called me out and said after the three of them came to visit me when Hollis was born I wrote something about "three older women" coming to visit me on here.  She said now everyone comes up to her and says "Oh I saw you on Kelly's blog - you were one of those old women".  I had to tell them all after I did NOT think they were OLD!!!!!
Susan practices at the Joshua Center which does Christian Counseling in NWA - a lot for free.  So if you are looking for therapy or would like to support this ministry - you should check it out! 

After lunch my parents came by to visit the girls.  And me.  But really  - they came to see the girls. ha! They were in town for the big game.
Harper had her first clothes meltdown on Saturday.  I had a cute red outfit to put her in but she threw a fit because it didn't have a RAZORBACK on it.  I finally pulled that t-shirt out that said "hogs" and convinced her it was close enough. She just kept insisting she needed a Razorback on.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Scott went to the game with his friend Steve and the girls and I hung out at home.

We were sad to see Nonny and Papa leave.  Harper sure is fond of her Papa.  After I got the girls to bed - I watched the game.  We played Auburn and it was a good one! I seem to have a ton of blog/twitter friends who are Auburn fans so I'll just say we enjoy playing Auburn! Hogs are #10 in the nation!!!!!
 While Scott was gone I also updated this wall in our family room.  I finally ordered a picture of Hollis (do you see it?) for the wall.  I know Hollis is out numbered up there right now but I'm sure it will change soon.  I have many walls and frames to be filled with my sweet girls.  I got all the canvases from Canvas People.  They are always good quality and a good price. Get one for 40% off now.
I was looking through etsy not long ago for something and stumbled upon these canvases that had little Bible sayings and I asked the girl to do me a special one with this.  That is from my favorite hymn and one I sang over and over while I waited to have children.  My favorite line says "Jesus Jesus how I trust Him. How I've proved Him O'er and O'er.  Jesus Jesus PRECIOUS Jesus.  OH FOR GRACE TO TRUST HIM MORE".
I also made cookies for my Sunday School girls while I watched the game.  Nervous energy.
The Girls wore their cupcake dresses for church today.  We have gone back to hot weather for a while. It's so hard to know how to dress.
This was six months ago in the same dresses.  I feel like they have both changed SO much.  Especially Hollis but Harper is just getting older and more helpful every day.  Time is going by so quickly.

Happy Sunday!

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