Thursday, September 29, 2011

This and That

The princess welcomes you to our blog today! ha! 

I just have some random things I wanted to put out there today.

First of all - I know so many of you believe differently than me or don't believe anything at all as far as faith and I get so many emails and comments asking me "What does it mean to "get saved"" or "what does it mean to be a Christian".  Sometimes I worry that I don't know how to put it correctly into words. I want so desperately for you to know this amazing love of God that I have but words sometime fail me. 
BUT my friend Shaun wrote a post yesterday that explained EXACTLY what I would want you to know about what it really means to be a Christian:

If you have questions or are curious - I'd love for you to read that post.  It's what I want to share with you if I only I was better at writing my heart.

I have a blog friend who just delivered a little girl, Hadlee, on August 31st. Hadlee was discovered to have issues with her heart when she was first born but those seem to be okay now. But she has had high Direct Bilirubin levels ever since she was born.  The doctors are baffled and have run test after test after test.  Her mom Christy is wondering if anyone who reads this blog has ever experienced this with their baby or knows of anyone who has or is a nurse or doctor who knows anything about this? If you do - would you email me and let me know what you know? She would be SO grateful. 

(Thank you - I have heard so many of you through email and in comments. I've passed it all on to christy and I hope it's going to help.  It amazes me that something can happen that you never have heard and you come to the "internets" and things almost seem common - you can hear from so many in the same boat.  I love blogging!)

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