Thursday, September 29, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Where do you shop for kids???

I get asked all the time in emails and comments where I get my girl's clothes.  I blogged about it about a year ago so I'm just kind of re-vamping that post and I'm excited to hear where you shop - maybe we will get good ideas?

I'll admit I LOVE dressing Harper & Hollis up. I feel like I've become that mother who doesn't care what she looks like but her child is always dressed to the nines. I just always dreamed of having a little girl and I LOVE picking out their outfits every day. I know it's silly but I also know it's a short window. At some point they are going to want to pick out their own outfits. There will come a time when they are 10 or 15 and will wear things I don't think are so "precious" anymore. I mean what could my mother have been thinking when I wanted to wear my hair like this and wear this ever so flattering outfit in high school? (Yes - that is me)

And of course having two girls makes it fun knowing each outfit will get worn at least two years!

Also - I like little girls to look like little girls. I'm old fashioned I guess but they can dress like teenagers when they ARE teenagers.  That's my style - I know it's not everyone's.  

(and I want to add I would LOVE to dress up a boy - I have visions of jon jons and longalls in my head.  You can find most of those things in the same places. I also love little polo shirts and khakis for boys as they get to be 2 and up. There ARE cute things for just have to look!!!)

There are SOOOOO many places to get kid's clothes. But here are some of secrets-

1. I've been lucky to find some well dressed girls whose mom's have let me buy their hand me downs. Every season I buy from a few moms and that has been a huge blessing!  I'm a big fan of buying used clothes for kids.

2. That's why I get the MAJORITY of Harper's clothes on ebay. I have a list of brands I love and I just search from time to time to find those brands in Harper's size. I look at lowest price first. You can get wonderful deals and I've had nothing but wonderful experiences.
This is a list of brands I look for-
Peaches N Cream
Potato Saks
Chatti Patti
Matilda Jane
Kelly's Kids
Castles and Crowns
Petite Ami
Bailey Boys

3. I also use Ebay to look for monogrammed clothes. I search for "monogrammed H" in toddler clothes and I have found so many cute things for cheap, cheap!

4. I like to buy off etsy but I don't have favorite sellers - I know a lot of you have asked. I search for personalized or monogrammed outfits or bloomers or bibs.

5. Something I have discovered recently is They have great deals daily - but you have to be fast - they sell out quickly. They start the sales at 8 a.m. so if you see something is coming the next day you like - get on there early!!!

6. I get asked about shoes also. I started out buying cheap shoes from Target or Wal-Mart and quickly realized they need good shoes for support. And then I kind of became a little obsessed with shoes. Here are a few sites that have CUTE shoes for toddlers or kids:
I also have gotten a lot of shoes off Zulily.  They have GREAT buys if you just watch for them.  You can get the nice squeaky shoes for around $10!!! (normally $30)

7. I also love to hit up consignment shops but I'm very picky. I know some of you in bigger towns have consignment sales that are nothing but smocked clothes and higher end brands for MUCH LESS!!! Take advantage of these kind of sales!!

8.  There are all kinds of facebook pages that sell Kids clothes.  Lolly Wooly Doodle, Smockadot kids, the Smocked Auction, Sweet Chic-a-Dee, .......there are TONS! There are also lots of monogram swaps and consignment sales on facebook. 

These are just a few ideas for you!  What are yours????

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