Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learning and a Giveaway!


I honestly don't know how you homeschool moms do it.
I'm being completely honest. I want to work on helping Harper learn but most days between just getting up, eating breakfast, getting all of us ready, feeding Hollis, putting Hollis down for a nap, getting Harper to wear her hearing aids, helping Harper go potty 300 times, letting Harper play, trying to get a few chores done, eating lunch, getting Harper down for a nap, fixing dinner, eating dinner, bath time and bed time and the fact that Hollis won't let me put her down for more than 10 minutes without screaming..........I have a hard time working in much learning time. We read books a lot and I try to count with her and say her ABC's a lot and I've recently bought her some flash cards and my mom bought her some too.
She does go to MDO twice a week and they work on colors and letters but I wanted to work on things at home.

Anyway, yesterday we went to Wal-Mart (which I'm ashamed to say is a frequent event for us because I seem to constantly get home and then realize we are out of something else we need). I decided to make it into a game and try to get Harper to name the color of everything we saw. She thought it was really fun and it kept her busy and it made me happy to see her start to recognize her colors.
I'm going to try and be more intentional of doing color sheets or some kind of learning activity every day. She's only 2 - I don't feel like I need to go full on kindergarten on her but I also know she's at an age where she is soaking in new things constantly! It's really fun hearing her say new things every day. She is getting so independent and so much easier as she gets closer to three. Two has been a tough age for us but I'm enjoying her more and more every day!

On a totally different subject - my friend Stephanie has a website with the cutest personalized stuff. She has cute fall shirts and they are only $12. She is letting me give away three shirts! So if you leave a comment today - I will enter you and I will draw 3 winners on Friday afternoon. And if you go and "like" her facebook page - come back and leave a second comment and let me know and you will get a second chance! These would be great for fall pictures or just to wear to the pumpkin patch or to school!
See all the cute designs????

Her website is
www.ifyousaysewgifts.com if you want to check it out!

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