Monday, September 19, 2011

Six Months

Hollis - it's your half birthday!
You are SIX months old! (and a few days)
This has been the fastest year of my life!

We will get your stats at the doctor this week but you wear a size 2 diaper and size 6 month clothes.

You take two pretty good naps a day and you are not a great sleeper but we are slowly working on that.  I'm tired but I'm not worried about it too much because even if it takes 2.5 years like your sister - I do have hope that we will both sleep one day! (Honestly - I kind of like the middle of the night feedings.  I'll miss them so much when they are over soon).

You are just so sweet and happy.  We went through a stage where you screamed and cried a lot but that seems to be gone.  You DO pretty much want to be held all the time but we can put you down to play some and in the jumperoo and exersaucer and you are pretty happy.

You are doing better in the church nursery and that makes me happy.  The workers have figured you out and know when you need a nap and how to play with you to keep you happy.  So thankful for that!
You REALLY like eating.  You have had cereal, peas, carrots and sweet potatoes and we are starting squash today.  You have a BIG appetite.  When I am eating something - you always open your mouth and try to reach for my food.  It cracks me up.

You think your sister is the best thing ever and now that you are getting bigger - Harper is starting to play with you and it makes me SO happy to see you interact. She likes to sit in the car and talk to you and you just smile and laugh.  I can tell you think she is the greatest thing in the world. I hope you always love each other.

You are a MOVER! You roll everywhere and can drag yourself all over the floor. If I put you in the floor to play and walk off for even 2 minutes I will come back to you being somewhere totally different.  Changing your diaper lately is like wrestling an alligator.  You do NOT like to be still!

I think you are happy being on the go.  You LOVE riding in the stroller - you never fuss if we go for walks.  You also are always so good and content to be in your car seat in the car or in your car seat in a shopping cart.  I'm thankful I can take you places easily.

I am just CRAZY CRAZY in love with you! You have made our family complete and I can't imagine life without your sweet little face and dimple. You and Harper are my joy!

Hollis - you are growing so quickly.  I feel like in this picture you look like a tall little skinny thing! How has half a year gone by so fast?
Maybe it's the pink tutu - but I think you and your sister look more alike this month.  You have the same nose, mouth and sweet cheeks.  Your coloring and eyes are a little different. You are both the sweetest, cutest little girls I have EVERY laid my eyes on and I thank God every day for giving me the privilege to spend my life being your mom!

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