Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stamps girls stuff

This is a plethora of just random things about my girls.  Really more for my memories and for the grandparents than anyone but you can peek in:

 Hollis started yesterday making this really deep growl noise. It's HILARIOUS.  I'm trying so hard to catch it on video.  Of course the minute I try to video - she quits.  I think she just found this new voice and likes using it.  She sounds like she needs an exorcist. ha!

 I put Harper's hair up in a ponytail with a headband for church the other night.  I thought she looked SO grown up!!!  Of course - right before we left she decided she didn't want to wear it and picked out a HUGE flower headband to wear instead.  I'm lucky that she doesn't have an opinion YET on what I dress her in.  I'm milking it until she does.
 She has been doing really good with potty training.  I'm so proud that she can completely do it all herself - pulling down and up her pants all alone.  She's not completely ready but we are probably close.  Her workers at church told me they got tickled because she takes a book into the bathroom with her.  I swore we don't do that at home! ha!
Harper loves to pray before bed every night and she names off all her extended family members.  She likes to thank God over and over for Hollis.  She says "thank you for Sissy and Hollis and Sissy and Hollis" about 70 times.  Sometimes she throws in random people like last night she prayed for "Brody and Judd" - two brothers from church.  It's so sweet.  She also usually thanks God for "snacks".

Harper is starting to play with Hollis more and more.  She asks for "sister" first thing every morning and after naps.  She adores her and it's so fun watching them interact. Hollis thinks Harper is SO funny.  They were playing with Hollis' new jumperoo yesterday and I loved how hard Hollis would laugh looking at Harper.

I adore my children but I'm not one of these mothers who thinks their children are geniuses. I know all children have different things they excel at early.  Harper is SO into drawing faces right now and honestly - it does kind of blow me away.  She drew this of her Papa.  Scott and I just can't believe how she draws eyes, a nose, mouth, ears and hair at 2.5.  She did not get her artistic ability from us. She may not dance or be athletic or be the smartest kid in her class (or maybe she will) - but she is so musical and artistic and I love that about her. (Because I am so NOT those things).

Harper is now obsessed with "Bambi".  It was "Beauty and the Beast" and "Tangled" and now she can't get enough of that little deer.  And it is the saddest movie in the world. I can't figure out why Disney made such a sad movie for children.  And if you think about it - in almost all the disney movies - the mom either gets killed or is already dead. What is the deal with that? Not my favorite message. ha!

And speaking of movies - I had so many of you asking about what music videos Harper loved to watch (the answer was Praise Baby and Cedarmont Kids).  She LOVES watching videos of kids singing praise music and there is nothing sweeter to me than her singing along. There is a new series called Baby Worship.  It's more up to date worship songs and I let Harper watch it in the car the other day and I seriously had tears in my eyes because she was singing so sweetly to "Mighty to Save" and it has scripture they say out loud.  If you want to expose your children to something precious - I would highly recommend these! If you use this link to buy the DVD - you can save 15%! (DVD is normally $12.99) http://kellyskornerblog.babyworship.com  I love it so much - I just had to share!(I'm not getting anything for sharing this with you - but I know so many of you are looking for something like this!)
(I also want to add that for every DVD/CD sold - they donate a portion to charities like World Vision - who help with hunger or water or medical supplies for third world countries.) (LOVE THAT!)

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