Friday, September 16, 2011

Show Us your life - Favorite Bible Studies/Devotion Books

I get asked in so many emails what I use to study the Bible or what is a good devotional?

Right now in my season of life - I don't have as much time as I would like to study the Bible so I basically just make it a point to read the Bible. I don't use any kind of devotional along with the Bible - I just want the word! I'm usually in some sort of Bible study in my church so I will do that study as well.  So I don't have any good recommendations on devotionals - but hopefully some of you will be sharing some?

(I use either the NIV or American Standard version of the Bible. I bought Scott a new Bible for Father's Day and it was the ESV and I had never heard of that but I think it's a really good version too - easier to read but a literal translation.)

As far as Bible Studies - I've done a lot of different ones -
My favorite authors of studies are Beth Moore (she has a ton of good ones), Priscilla Shirer (I love her so much), James MacDonald (he is amazing!), Andy Stanley, and Kelly Minter.

What have you enjoyed studying?

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