Thursday, September 15, 2011

9th graders and weddings

 Last night my friend Tracy and I met our 9th Grade Sunday School class for dinner at Taco Bell before we headed to church for a special youth service. Once a month we have this amazing youth evangelist, Ed Newton, here for a service called Fuel. 
Our girls enjoyed eating and being around the "big girls".  There wasn't child care so I took both my girls into the service with me and we ended up leaving before it started. They were tired and I didn't want to disturb kids from hearing the sermon. Next month Daddy will keep the girls so I can be with the "bigger girls". 

I spent yesterday while she was at MDO changing out Harper's closet for fall/winter and packing up all the clothes she has out grown to save for Hollis.  It's gotten cool suddenly here so I needed to get ready.  I thought she looked so cute all dressed up for fall - she looks so tall and grown up.  She clearly was thrilled to have her picture made.

 This weekend is the second wedding that has come out of SUYL singles!!!! Beautiful Leslie is marrying Stephen. They are ADORABLE!!! They even invited me to their wedding (I have two invites now from the sweet weddings that have resulted from this and I will save them forever).  I wish I could go but I can't because of scheduling but I can't WAIT to see all the details on her blog! And I hope to share lots more weddings with you! I have a feeling there are at least 3 or 4 more just around the corner!
CONGRATULATIONS LESLIE AND STEPHEN!!! I hope your day is amazing!!! And that your marriage is even more amazing!
Isn't blogging the craziest thing ever?????

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