Friday, August 26, 2011

Show us Your life - Baby showers

For all of you in the stage of life that I am - today is a great day for you! We are going to be sharing Baby Shower Ideas. If you are like me - I throw/attend a lot of baby showers a year these days. I thought I would just show pictures from a few that I could find that we have done in the recent past.

The first two pictures are a shower at my house for my best friend Laurie when she had her first daughter Emily. A tradition in our Sunday School class is to throw a big shower for the first baby and then meet at a restaurant for #2, #3, and on and just give gifts. I think that's a great way to do it.
I threw this shower for a friend I worked with. My office came over and we had finger foods!
We had a "Sweet Things" shower for my friend whose last name is "Sweet". It was all desserts!
I made this diaper cake for that shower. It was my first attempt - not the greatest but kind of cute!
This was a sports themed shower for a little boy - I LOVE the petit fours we had for this shower. (These came from a bakery - WISH I was this talented)
The table for the sports theme - we used balls and pom poms to decorate and served "sports" foods!
This was another shower we had for a little boy. I think we did dips and sweets for this one!
This was at my church shower. My sweet friends threw the nicest shower for me and Harper
A girl in our class makes AMAZING cookies and she now has a full time career making cookies for everyone's parties.

They also had petit fours with what else? Harper's monogram
The same girl made these cookies for another shower

I've been to several more recently but these were ones I thought I would share. I'm anxious to see all of your ideas because we have a ton of showers coming up in my circle of friends!

P.S. I don't know if Petit Fours are a "southern" thing or not - but some of you asked. They are just "little cakes". They are a mouthful of goodness! ha! Literally - it's just a bite sized cake. I love them because you don't have to deal with cutting a big cake and one or two petit fours are "just right" for most people. Plus you can decorate them in the cutest ways!

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