Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shop til you Drop

One of my best friends Amber moved here last year and we figured out that one of her good friends was someone I was close with in college. Small world! Amber and Mary and another good college friend Heather go on a weekend shopping trip to Branson every fall. This year they invited me and Laurie along. Laurie couldn't go since her dad is in the hospital and I almost backed out because Hollis is having some separation anxiety but I finally decided to drive up for the day and join them. I'm SO glad I did. I needed a little break and it was so fun to get away and be with friends and eat and shop. I didn't even plan on buying anything - but I did get some jeans so I won't have to wear maternity jeans this fall/winter. Or maybe I still will. :-) We had SO much fun!
Meanwhile - back at home - I was secretly glad for Scott to keep the girls all day and get a taste of what I do every day. It's always nice to be appreciated! Hollis is finally taking a bottle so she did pretty well.

And of COURSE - what happens every time we leave the kids with the dad for the day - they take LONG naps and act like angels. Harper took a FOUR HOUR nap. She hasn't napped in over a month. How does that happen? ha!
I got tickled because I left a few instructions and Scott had kept detailed notes on everything with the girls. He's such a great dad. I think the girls LOVED daddy/daughter day!
And of course as much as I loved being away - I was driving home last night and heard the country song "You're gonna miss this" and had big tears in my eyes and then heard a sermon on how children are gifts and how we should treasure them.

I couldn't wait to get home and snuggle my babies!

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