Monday, August 29, 2011

Life right now..............


well - y'all - I don't get on Facebook enough to know - but apparently there is a facebook page called Crockpotgirls that JUST started and they already have like 300,000 members and about that many recipes. Maybe we should just all check that out instead of Crockpotalooza????? Great minds are all thinking alike these days I guess!
And I will add that one of my favorite blogger friends, Boomama, is having a DIPTACULAR Dip Linky tomorrow to go along with the start of football season. And since my favorite food is literally chips and dips (all kinds) - I will be checking that out for sure!!!!! Y'all need to visit!!!

 Look who is ALMOST sitting up.  She's also doing the army crawl and can scoot herself all over the place.  Gone are the days of just laying her down somewhere.  I think the swing has also seen it's last days.  I'm trying hard not to be sad.  I'm having to put away so much of her baby stuff already.  How did it go by so quickly?
 I wanted to write down a little update on Harper's "special ears".  We really weren't doing too great and I was getting really discouraged.  She wouldn't wear them for more than about 15 minutes a day.  But for the last week - she has worn them between 2-4 hours a day and is getting a little better every day with them. I'm so happy.  It's taking us a while to get to full time wear but I'm just trying to be patient.  It's a big adjustment - especially at her age. She has them on in this picture and you can barely tell.

 I took this the other day at the splash park and I have no reason to post this except for pure sweetness.

I have become one in the bond of love with my Crockpot.  Hollis is in a stage where she wants to be held 24/7 so cooking has become tricky.  So I'm embracing my crock pot.  I figure a lot of you probably need to also. Especially with fall/winter coming! I made this the other night - it might not look too great but it was pretty good. Even Harper liked it.  It's called Salsa Chicken. A lot of you may have made this before.  I was thinking I might host a Crockpot recipes link up - separate from SUYL on Wednesday.  Would you come link up your favorite slow cooker recipes? I know I would be eternally grateful and all the rest of you busy moms and non-moms just might be too!
CROCKPOTALOOZA - Wednesday ALL Day!!!!!!

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