Monday, August 08, 2011

Praise Him Praise Him All you little Children

We haven't done a whole lot the last few days. Hollis hasn't felt too great. I took her to the doctor today because she has been SO fussy lately. She just screams and wants to eat constantly. Looks like she has a little cold/virus and a growth spurt going on. There hasn't been a lot of sleep in our house this past week.

I somehow managed to put a bunch of Harper's summer outfits in the back of Hollis' closet and I just discovered them this weekend so we have some "new" things to wear. It's fun to dress her up and compare! I love this turtle outfit.

Harper has been my "easy" one the past few days. She is really starting to be my little helper. She has been playing with Hollis and watching out for her. She just seems so much more grown up every day. She is such a character. She has always slept with a bunch of animals but suddenly she wants to sleep with books instead. She picks out books and lines them up in her bed each night. It's so funny.

This is a little collage of her performing for me today. She literally sings from the minute she gets up until she finally falls asleep at night. I love to think that she might be the next Kari Jobe/Christy Nockels despite her hearing loss. Or maybe I should say In SPITE of it!
She can test my patience some days. She is so sweet but there are days where (hypothetically speaking of course) I take her to a baby shower and she proceeds to walk up to women and punch them and then I have to pull her out screaming and kicking to my complete humiliation or days I have to get on to her five different times for crawling out the doggie door and running to freedom in the back yard or her showing me attitude when I ask her to do something. And then there are times when she is so sweet and precious that I feel like I don't have enough kisses and hugs in the world to cover her with.

But there is nothing I love more than hearing her sing and doing motions to praise songs. She doesn't fully know who God is yet or how vast His love is for her. She doesn't know when she is singing these songs and lifting her hands up that she is praising Him. But He knows her little heart. He knows the plans He has for her. I get very teary eyed wondering just what God may do in her life. And there is nothing sweeter than watching a sweet innocent child singing to the one who made her!

I filmed this the other day when she was watching "How Great thou Art" on one of her videos. (Ignore the screaming - that's how our house sounds these days). This is just a precious moment I want to remember.

(She is watching a video from VBS but we love Praise baby DVD's and our VERY favorite is Cedarmont Kids. She watches those over and over and over).

“‘From the lips of children and infants
you, Lord, have called forth your praise?”
Matthew 21:16

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