Saturday, August 06, 2011

A few Firsts

We had a few "firsts" around here today that I don't want to forget.

I've been meaning to get the exersauser down from the attic for a few weeks now and we finally got around to it. As soon as Scott brought it in - a certain someone decided SHE wanted to play with it first. She climbed in and wouldn't get out. She is so sweet and loving with her sister.........EXCEPT for if her sister touches anything she thinks might be hers. We are learning some lessons in sharing.

(Side note - don't you love Harper's "Farrah" hair here? I've been trying some styling products on her - this is not how I fixed it - this was after she ripped a bow out........but fixing toddler girl's hair is a blog post all on it's own I keep thinking I may write).

Finally it was Hollis' turn. She did pretty good. She played with all the different things and lasted quite a while before she was ready to get out.

Here is Harper on her first try at the exersauser. They are about the same age in these pictures. I can't remember Harper being this little.

I didn't plan to start Hollis on cereal quite yet but she has been wanting to eat SO frequently lately and really eyeing us when we are eating so I decided we would take the plunge into solids. How is this already happening? It goes by WAY too fast with the second baby (and I'm sure even quicker with the 3rd, 4th, etc)

She ate it all and seemed to really like it. We started Harper a month later than this and she didn't like it at all. Hollis may be a good eater. It seems to run in the family. :-)

And this was Harper on her first try of cereal. They look so different to me. That seems like just yesterday with Harper and yet I can hardly remember it.

I look forward to so many more firsts for our family!

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