Tuesday, August 09, 2011

And I Brush and Brush and Brush and Brush My hair......................

We watch "Tangled" on constant repeat at my house which has me thinking a lot about hair (mostly I like to think about how gross Rapunzel's hair must be after being dragged all over the floor). ha!

NO - seriously - I wonder - do you have any tips on how to fix little girl's hair? I'm really struggling with keeping Harper's hair looking nice. She has been pretty good about keeping her bows in lately but it still looks kind of messy. She has this fine/half wavy-half straight hair that is just hard to do.

We wash it every night and blow dry it (In the summer - the girl gets really sweaty - it's SO hot. In the winter we might do every other day) but sometimes in the mornings it looks crazy. I use the clear plastic rubber bands to pull her hair back and then stick in a bow. Sometimes I have been doing dog-ears/pigtails or pony tails. I'm trying to decide if I want to get it cut off into a short bob or let it grow long. I like little girl hair either way (as long as I can put a bow in it).
I'm just curious if y'all have suggestions. Like do you use styling products? The biggest thing is getting the little ball of energy to sit still long enough for me to even comb it much less fix it. I could french braid it but there is NO way she would sit still long enough.
I'd just love tips from all you seasoned girl moms. (Harper has her special ears in for this picture - can you see them?)

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