Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Story

Isn't this picture two scoops of sweetness?
My friend Robin made these shirts for the girls and I've never taken their pictures in them so I had to do it today. 

Can we check out the 15 year old attitude on Harper's face in this one?  Heaven help me!

Speaking of 15 year old girls..............

Our youth minister challenged all the youth (and all their Sunday School teachers) to get on Facebook and share their 2 minute video testimony.  I thought this was great so I wanted to join in.  And then I thought as I encouraged our girls to share with their 800 or 1000 friends on Facebook - that maybe I should take it a step further and share with my 11,000 followers on my blog.  If you never hear anything else that I write - this is what I would want you to take away from my blog:

(and I should add that I know a lot of you may have added me on FB - but I just like to keep FB to my IRL friends and family.  I won't ever have a "fan" page because personally I think I would feel REAL silly. It's totally not personal if I don't accept you - I just like to keep that sort of private). 

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