Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Questions Anyone?

It's rainy (thank you Lord for the rain and cooler weather) and we have mostly been home this week and I'm just kind of in a blog slump.

I know I get lots of questions in email and my comments and I'm not always good at responding to them (sorry I want to badly - but my hands are full with life most days)........but I thought if you had anything you wanted to ask me..............leave it in the comments today and I'll follow back up tomorrow with a post with as many Q&A's as possible. (Within reason - I may not answer everything).

(And I'll go ahead and say I hope this post doesn't seem too full of myself. I feel like it does.
Blah - I'm boring but I know I get a lot of questions that don't get answered so I thought it might be good to do it all at once).

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