Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 months and First Day of School

Hollis - you are FIVE months old!!!!

I'm not totally sure - but you weigh close to 15 lbs.
You wear a size 2 diaper and 3-6 months clothes and some 6 months.

You take one good long nap every morning and usually a semi good nap in the afternoon.
Your sleeping has been off lately - you were doing so good and now you have been getting up every 3 hours again. I think you have been going through a growth spurt.

You are usually so happy but lately - you have been a screamer! You are going through some separation anxiety. I'm trying to remember this is just a short phase and I know you will be back to your sweetness soon.

You are a MOVER! You roll everywhere and you sort of army crawl on the floor. You are busy, busy, busy. If we hold you - you are constantly wiggling and squirming.

You aren't liking much these days. We try you in the exersauser, the swing, the floor with toys, the bouncy seat......... and you are only happy for a few minutes before you get frustrated and mad. You are keeping me very busy!

You really just want to be held 24/7 right now.

Harper is always on the lookout for you. If you are napping or not in sight - she will say "Where's sister?" She calls you "sister" or "sissy" but rarely Hollis.

You have now been to visit both grandparent's houses. You actually slept better at their houses than you do at home.

You are pure joy! You are SO loved! I can't believe you are almost half a year old!

Growing, Growing, Growing

I did all of Harper's monthly pictures with her monogrammed clothes on - so I'm continuing the tradition with Hollis. There is no way we will ever wonder who was in the picture!

Today was Harper's first day of "school". She was excited to go and I know she will love Mrs. Dia! I hope she will have a wonderful year and continue to grow and mature! I know that when I take her "last day" picture in May - she will be SO much bigger and more grown up. I will look back at this picture and think "look how little she was!" But for now - I think she's a pretty big girl!

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