Thursday, August 18, 2011

More random things............

I went with about 20 girls from my Sunday School class Tuesday night to see "The Help".  Have you seen it? It was SOOOOO good.  I NEVER read books these days - but this is the only book I've read in the last year or two.  If you haven't seen it - you must! And little Mae Mobley - reminded me SO much of Harper.  It made me love the movie more.  And I read a neat article about the twin girls who played Mae Mobley. 

All the people I follow on Twitter lately have blown up twitter lately talking about their life planners they got from  These planners are awesome.  They are $50 which is WAY more than I would pay but there was a great deal a few weeks ago where you could get it for $25 and there was also a 10% off coupon so it wasn't a bad deal.  I saw the same deal on another website last week.  I have high hopes this is going to get me super organized. Mine came in the mail yesterday and I'm about to sit down with fresh new pens and write out everything I need to.  I have felt so un-organized lately so I'm hoping to get it together.  
If I see another deal - I'll let you know! I'm not getting anything to endorse these planners - I just like to share fun things when I can! (and people on twitter were asking me about them yesterday).

I decided this morning to take Harper for a MUCH needed hair cut. Ya'll know I have been wondering what to do with her hair.  I was hoping for a short bob but her hair is so fine and has curls on the sides - so we just got a good trim.  Harper was so excited all day about her "hair cut".

And she was SOOO good.  We went to a new little place that is especially for kids. They had Disney movies playing on TV's and little cars to sit in and a play room to play in while you wait.  Harper was the best she has ever been. I was SO proud of her.

And this is how her hair looks now! So cute.  She is just growing up so fast.  I find myself wanting to tell her every morning and night.....

"You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important".    (The Help)

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