Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Slip Sliding Away

 Well this week is wearing me out!! VBS is really fun but getting up early every morning and playing with the kids all morning has just exhausted me! We are having a great week! We had 630 kids today!
 Last night our youth minister and his wife invited our Sunday School class over to play on this HUGE slip and slide they made for the youth at their house. Scott had some stuff to do so I took the girls for a little while.  Harper went down the slip and slide but it went really fast and it scared her.  Poor Hutch our youth minister had to carry her all the way up the hill. After that she stuck to jumping on a little trampoline or playing with her friends.  She was combing her friend Kade's hair here. I got tickled because he just stood as still as a statue and let her comb for several minutes. ha!
 Can you see the slip and slide - it goes way off down the hill.  I skipped going down but most of the guys and kids in our class had a great time on it.  Harper told me she wanted "to go home" so I knew she was tired.
 Hollis got to relax on a blanket. She's had a big week.
 This is our little 3 year old class. The kids are SO sweet and I'm having fun working with my friends Amber and Amy. 
 Harper has just had a blast! Here she is on her favorite buggy ride (sitting next to her friend Kade again). 
There are only 3 or 4 babies and 3 or 4 works in the nursery so Hollis has been VERY spoiled this week. She has been rocked and held all morning every day and I'm pretty sure she has loved it. Thankful for sweet workers who take care of my baby for me!

And 3 things I thought I would share real quick:

1. Harper gets her temporary hearing aids tomorrow!! I'm so excited! I will be traveling with both girls by myself to Little Rock and my parents are meeting me there so if you could remember us in your prayers for a safe easy trip.  We are leaving very early in the morning and coming back tomorrow night.

2.  Back when Harper was a baby - I was introduced to this site called Productive Parenting.  You can enroll and they will email you an age appropriate activity for your child each day.  I don't always use it but there are days I think "Let's see what ideas they have" and it's helped! Anyway - they recently asked if they could interview me for their blog and it's up today.  You read at the link below - and also read about other moms:

3. I found a GREAT bow website (friends on twitter told me about it) recently and they have those big southern bows I love for THREE DOLLARS!!! And other amazing bows for $1-$3. That is a GREAT deal!!! So I wanted to pass it on to all you other bow loving mommas!

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