Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Name that tune????

Okay - we need help. Harper goes around singing this one song with very dramatic hand motions all the time and we can not figure out what on earth she is singing. Any clue? She watches a lot of Cedarmont kid videos but I don't recognize it and it's driving me nuts!!! She does her face so serious when she sings it.(it's the money, money, money part throwing us off. ha!)

Also tonight at Harper's bedtime prayer she said thanks for "Nonny, GiGi, Mommy, Daddy, snacks (that's something she says thanks for every night. Ha!).....and BOYS". Oh dear. Looks like Scott needs to start shining up his shotgun early.

And she's also become obsessed with this little Bible she has. She has carried it in her hands ALL day for the last two days and tonight insisted on sleeping with it. The next Beth Moore, maybe?

I'm crazy about this crazy girl.

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