Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm proud of you!

And the winner is...............

Some of you guessed this song - and I would have NEVER thought of this in a million years because it doesn't mention "heart" or "money, money, money" but I sang this to her 3 different times today and every time she started singing her version with me and doing the motions. So I guess that was what she was hearing. ha! Good job on picking that up! Thanks for playing along and helping me figure it out.  She doesn't watch much TV or listen to current music - just videos we have so I knew it had to be something I'd heard before.

Harper has started wanting me to "take her picture" outside of her school before we go in and she will do a bunch of posing. It cracks me up.

Sweet little flower sitting so big in her bumbo.  She can almost sit up when I do the tripod sit. I'm guessing another month or so and she will be sitting like a pro.  I'm so sad - she's growing too fast.

My parents had to come to town today and they called and asked if they could come see the girls.  They had a little alone time with Hollis because Harper was in MDO and then they rode with me to pick her up.  Harper was SOOOO excited and surprised to see them.  She kept covering her mouth as we walked out like she was just shocked! And she had to tell her teacher who they were. It was so cute!

It's always nice to have a visit from the grandparents. And Harper wore her "ears" for an hour and a half while they were here!! Yeay! We have told her lately so much that we are "proud of her" so now she is constantly saying "Mommy/Daddy......I'm proud of you!" ha!

I hope she always is.......

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