Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hitting the Bottle................

I have no pictures from this but last night Scott kept both girls for the first time so I could go out to dinner with a few friends.  I had been looking forward to this forever! I had a GREAT time with my friends but sadly - it didn't go so well at home.  Hollis wouldn't take a bottle and I guess she screamed for 3 hours straight.  sigh.  Looks like it might be a while before I leave both girls again. Or I need to do bottle bootcamp.

Today several of my friends met up at a jump place to let our kids play.  I hadn't planned to go but I woke up not feeling well and decided it would be easier to take Harper there and let her play so I could sit then to try to keep her out of messes all day at home.  Then I went to eat pizza with a couple of friends.  And of course I was hoping this would result in an amazing nap but so far I hear a certain toddler singing at the top of her lungs in her bed instead of sleeping.

 I had wanted to write about this last week and forgot but I had to share about this fun little place in my area. I know 90% of you don't live local to me but for the 10% of you who do - I love to find neat things and share them! There is this little mobile crepe restaurant in my town. And the owner has the best French accent! (I took 3 years of French and can't speak a word except maybe Oui Oui!)  They have it on the square at the farmer's market on Saturday mornings and lately they have opened on Wednesdays for lunch across from our favorite splash park and I've been dying to try.  So last Wednesday - the girls and I had crepes before we played at the splash park. 
And it was the BEST lunch I have ever had.  They have sweet and savory crepes.  We had a ham and cheese and a chocolate ganache and I was licking my lips it was so good. I think they are opening on Wednesday nights on the square now. 
Seriously - if you live near me - you have to try : CREPES PAULETTE!!! (They didn't ask me to write this. They don't even know I exist. I just like to share fun little local secrets!)

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