Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just us girls

Remember Scott needing those overalls? They were for this weekend.  He and Steve went to South Arkansas to "Prep the deer camp".  That left just us girls at home.  Now - I actually look forward to maybe 4 or 5 years from now and beyond when Scott goes on hunting trips because the girls and I can watch chick flicks and paint our toenails and shop.........but it's a little tough doing a weekend by myself with the girls right now.  I really appreciate all you military wives and single moms.  And I just did it for 3 days.

We spent Friday going on a walk and to the splash park. After naps - we had a visit from some sweet friends - Taylor, Grace and Joyce! They are my friend Hillary's cousins and they live near me and they came to see Harper when she was in the NICU.  They brought the girls the cutest little bags and some goodies. That was so sweet.
Saturday morning we were up and ready early.  Our friend Caroline moved here on Friday so we were going to go see her new house!!!
Laurie and the girls met us there.  Sarah Kate, Emily and Harper had a great time with bubble wrap.  We figured they wore Caroline and her family out because they were like 3 hurricanes whipping through the house.
So glad Caroline is officially an ARKANSAN!!!!! 
I spent the rest of Saturday mostly at home.  We made a quick trip to Wal-Mart and just played at home.  Luckily - Harper was SO GOOD all day! I don't think we have left the terrible 2's just yet - but at least for one day - I got a wonderful glimpse of how things will get better! And I loved it! She was just a delight - so sweet and good!
Hollis has had a rough day or two.  I think she has hit a growth spurt. She has been up every 2 hours or so the last 2 nights. She is usually a great sleeper.  I'm hoping this won't last too long. Or it could be teething? I guess we will see.
After no sleep and with no Scott - I was so tempted this morning to just skip church but I managed to get us up and ready and go anyway.  I didn't want the Devil to win.  Although Hollis didn't want to be in the nursery today so I didn't really get to actually be in church much.  I did try to take a few pictures of my girls this morning but it wasn't easy.  I could never get them both to look. I thought I would share a couple - you can see the personality in them.
Sister love - I do love this one. 
And I LOVE Hollis looking at Harper.  I want more than anything for them to be best friends one day.
And I love that Harper is out of focus in this - she was moving so fast that she was out of focus in most of the pics.

It's been a busy, hot girls weekend. Hope yours was good too!

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