Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cheap Overalls

I neglected to talk about the fact that Harper turned two and a half officially last week! I was looking at pictures of her from around Christmas and couldn't believe how much she had grown since then.  She is starting to be such a little girl instead of a baby.  She is the FUNNIEST little girl.  I'll have to give a better update soon on her "special ears" but I'll just say it's not going great.......but we are making a little progress.
Even without wearing her hearing aids - her speech is growing daily. She says so many funny things.  The girl LOVES to sing.  She honestly sings from the minute she gets up until she goes to bed and I swear she harmonizes naturally.  It freaks me out.  We've always had our standard repertoire of songs but she has broken out a whole new list and her new favorites include " Deep and Wide", "If you are happy and you know it", "Zacchaeus was a wee little man" and "He's Wild" (from VBS).
She always refers to Hollis as "sissy" and the other day she asked me what "Sissy's name was".  I said "Hollis" and then I asked her what her name was and she answered me ......"Pretty girl".  ha ha! 
She's also into drawing and lately she wants to draw us.  I can't remember if this is me or Scott she drew but we were impressed that she can draw faces.  I told Scott she was very artistic and  musical and she did NOT get that from either of us.
It's been a nice low key "nothing" weekend.  Our whole family slept until 8 yesterday morning which is HUGE.  We had a rough night this week where Harper was up the ENTIRE night and Hollis was up a few times so I was thankful to make up some sleep.  To celebrate - Harper helped me make pancakes for breakfast.  Harper loves to sit up on the counter and help me cook.

Scott looked over at me yesterday and said "Where do you think I can get some cheap overalls?" And then we were both dying laughing.  The next thing I knew we were rolling up into the Tractor Supply store to get Scott some things to wear when he works on his deer camp.  I don't know why it's funny to me - but it just is. I made him pose.  I think this may be his Halloween costume this year since our girls may be farm animals. And I may have to break out some overalls myself!

We also went to Wal-Mart and got Harper a water table.  I had wanted to get one at the beginning of the summer and we never did but it's been so hot and she loves water so much - that I thought it would give us something to do at home.  She loved it.
We played in it for a while yesterday.  It's been near 100 almost every day this month.  I'm ready for fall!
Little sister just watched.  Don't you just want to squeeze her?
Dawson is always trying to lay by Hollis when she is on the floor. It's really sweet. I had a terrifying moment on Saturday afternoon.  Dawson will often go out our front door when we are coming in and he will make a little circle of the houses near us and then come right back home.  Well I had come in and went to let him in and he was no where to be found.  I had Hollis with me so I strapped her in the stroller and ran (LITERALLY ran - I nearly died) around the entire neighborhood yelling his name and he was no where. I was hysterical and just kept praying I could find him.  He's been our baby for almost 9 years - I can't imagine something happening to him and it's so hot I was worried he would pass out.  I came home and was going to get in the car to look for him when he came trotting up the sidewalk. I don't know where he came from but I was so happy he was home.  And he will not be going on any more adventures.

We went to church today but I almost feel like I didn't go.  We helped with baptisms and then I worked in the nursery during church.  I fed Hollis before we went to Sunday school and by then I just decided to stay and help some more.  I'm thankful for all those who serve each week in a lot of ways so that others can enjoy church.  We are going to enjoy a nice "cool" (hopefully) Sunday afternoon - my fingers are crossed for long naps!

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