Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Busy day

Is it Tuesday already? I never got around to updating yesterday.  We just had a busy day.  The girls and I went to church yesterday morning to help with our church's clothing drive.  I love this ministry our church does every year to help out the community. 
We came home and ate lunch and my mom and Aunt Linda came for a visit.  Linda hadn't met Hollis yet so I was excited for her to come and see her.  She also just got her own set of "Special ears" so she showed Harper. Harper was SO interested in them and she wore hers for over an hour.

Harper always loves having company she can entertain.  She colored with Linda and danced and sang and soaked up the attention.
I'm sure Hollis loved a little extra attention too.  She has been a mommy's girl the last week or two and won't really let anyone hold her.  She has been SUPER fussy and wanting to eat constantly so I think we have hit a growth spurt. 
Harper ran and ran around the house.  I'm thinking about signing her up for soccer this year.  She loves to run and kick balls.  ha!
It was a big day too because my little "niece" Emily started kindergarten yesterday.  I was just there at the hospital when she was born and now she is already in school! It doesn't seem possible.  There are four "year round" schools in NWA and that is where she goes.  My girls will go to one too.  I love the schedule of a year round school - it's an average of four weeks on and one week off.  The idea is the kids and teachers don't get burnt out and the kids don't lose everything they have learned in the summer.  I love that they get two weeks off in the fall.  We are fortunate to have really good public schools here.  Emily did great and loved it! I knew she would! I can't believe three years from now Harper will be having her first day! I need to cherish our last few years of freedom! :-)

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