Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week in the Life: Wednesday

My alarm went off at 6:45 today. I jumped up and got in the shower - trying to get up before Harper. I was able to shower and dry my hair and Harper was up.

So I got her up and Scott fed her breakfast (oatmeal) while I fed Hollis. Then I cleaned up the kitchen and put up a load of laundry.

I got Harper dressed and ready and then tried to finish getting myself ready and Hollis ready.  This was one of those mornings when Harper was just all over the place and into everything and I found myself losing my patience. While I was changing Hollis' diaper and getting her dressed - Harper disappeared and I found her a minute or two later - with my makeup bag and opening everything (and I use Bare Essentials so she had gotten powder all over the floor).

So I got them both to the car and luckily we had something fun to do today. Our local movie theatre shows kid movies twice a week in the mornings for $2! It's a great deal and this was our first time to try it.  This was Harper's first time to the movies.  I figured it cost $2 and was all little kids so if we only lasted 30 minutes - it wouldn't be horrible.  I got her some popcorn thinking that would help keep her occupied.  Well - she HATED the popcorn.  Ate two bites and said "I don't like it" and gave it back to me. ha! But she LOVED the movie. She did so good. She would giggle and laugh and just sat so still. It was so fun watching her! We lasted the entire movie.  And Hollis slept in her car seat.  It was her naptime anyway and the theatre is so dark - it worked perfect.  At one point Harper sat in her seat with her arm around me.  It may seem simple - but that movie was a sweet memory I'll treasure forever - just a fun time with my sweet girl.

We came home and ate lunch.  Scott played with Hollis while I got Harper squared away.  Naptime took some work today - but I managed to get them BOTH asleep around 1:45 and I sat down to try and look at insurance stuff for Harper and make a list for a few things we needed from Wal-Mart.  The naps were short lived because by 2:15 before I could barely do anything - they were both up.

So I fed Hollis and we got in the car and headed to Wal-Mart. I was going to go tonight but I decided I'd rather just take both girls and get it over with.  The girls are actually pretty good when we go.  The only downfall is it's hard to find room to put anything in the cart.  I have to be very strategic!

We came home and I unloaded groceries and started dinner.  Tonight we had Pioneer Woman's Lasagna. I've made it for a few friends when they had babies but never made it for us (which is probably SO wrong! ha!)  Luckily it was really good!

After dinner- Scott gave Harper a bath.  Hollis has been real fussy the last few days at night. She wants to be held and if I put her down she just screams and cries.  Some friends pointed out it's probably the 3 month growth spurt - I sure hope so.  She also hasn't been sleeping as well at night.  I'm going to hope it is short lived. I miss my happy, good sleeping baby!

We put Harper to bed and then I took Hollis and ran to the post office. I needed to mail a few things and it's just too hard with two kids to do it.  I wanted a snow cone but the stand was already closed for the night.  I came home and fed Hollis again while we watched the Voice Finale and put her to bed.  I'm going to finish this post and hopefully go to bed before midnight.

But it's not likely. :-)

(P.S. Hollis rolled BOTH WAYS today!!!)

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