Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week in the Life: Thursday

Today is my last day with the "week in the life".  I've really enjoyed trying to put our days on this blog. I may do this every 3-6 months because as the girls grow - things change and I want to remember!

My alarm went off at 6 this morning and Hollis woke up around the same time.  So I got up and fed her and then took a shower and got ready.  I made Harper's lunch for MDO and packed her bag and she woke up right around that time. I quickly got her dressed and Hollis in her carseat and we were off to take Harper to school.

I dropped Harper off - she ran right in. Her teacher told me she was the sweetest girl.  She really is (when the 2 yr old tantrums aren't taking over).  Hollis and I had to run a few errands on the way home - we got gas, dropped off a package at the post office (that wouldn't fit in the box last night), picked up some medicine for Dawson, and picked up dry cleaning.  Hollis fell asleep on the way home so I brought her in and let her take a nap while I worked on laundry and picked up around the house and did just some little chores.

At 11,  I fed Hollis and got her dressed and we left and went to meet my friends Melissa and Ashley for lunch at the Mellow Mushroom. MM just opened in our town and it is SO good. I'm so happy to have it here because it's one of my favorites.

After lunch - Hollis and I ran a couple of errands and then picked Harper up from school.  I got tickled because every day when I pick her up I say "Did you have a good day?" and today she ran out to me and immediately said "I had a good day." ha! I'm so glad she did.

I can't really tell you what I did from the time we got home around 3 until just now (8:00) because both girls were SOOOOOO whiny/fussy/CRYING constantly for the last 5 hours.  Between them and the 7452 flies we have in our house along with the 563,857 flies outside  - I'm close to losing my mind today.  It just wasn't the best of days.  Both girls wanted to be held and just cried and fussed. Scott mowed the yard and worked outside after work so I got both girls fed and bathed and put to bed.  Harper and I did sit down and read a ton of books before she went to bed and she was finally in a better mood and I was glad our night ended on a good night.  I think she was just really tired.

I DID finally order and get today a double stroller. I have put it off because I couldn't decide what kind to get or if I even needed one and I finally decided I could really use a double jogging stroller so I could start walking with both girls every day and maybe knock off some of this baby weight I've carried around for the last two years.  It will also be nice when we want to take both girls somewhere like the zoo or traveling.  We tried it out and I think we are going to like it.  I have to get the straps adjusted correctly and maybe we can take a walk tomorrow!

We had leftover lasagna for dinner and I'm tired. I have a few quick things to do tonight and then I'm off to bed.  We have a fun weekend coming up so I need to rest before it gets here!  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!

SUYL breakfast recipes will be up mid day tomorrow.

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