Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week in the Life: Tuesday

I want to say thank you for all your comments saying that your days are a lot like mine (or used to be).  I know there are so many "mom debates" out there like breastfeeding vs formula or CIO vs not or when to potty train or when to take the paci away, etc.  I'm not a fan of those debates because I'm just of the mindset of you do what is right for you and your family and don't judge other mothers when their decisions are different (unless the decisions are something like letting a toddler drink red bull and then run in the streets alone followed up by play time with scissors and broken glass - THEN maybe you judge) ha!
But there are many days that I think "am I doing this mom stuff right?"  I wonder if I'm spending my days like other moms are and how they manage.  So if you could ALL do a day in the life post and let me see what you are doing - that would be great!

Our morning started off with Hollis waking up at 5:45.  I had my alarm set for 6 so it worked out okay (except that I went to bed at midnight so I was TIRED!) I fed her and then hopped in the shower and got ready for the day.  I quickly emptied the dishwasher and put in a few dishes that were left behind and gathered up everything for the day.  Today is MDO (Mother's Day out) and it's 20 minutes away so we have to leave our house around 7:30.  Harper didn't wake up until 7:30 so I quickly got her up and dressed her and fed her a quick breakfast. I put Hollis in her carseat and we were off! Scott always likes to walk to the car with us and put Harper in the car. Then before we can leave she will say "I want to talk to Daddy" and I have to roll down the window so she can talk to him one last time. ha!

We were late getting to "school" but Harper ran right in to her class and never gave me a look.  They were doing play dough so I know she was excited.  I did get her to pose outside for a minute before we went inside.  She has started saying "Take my picture".  ha! I dropped her off and then Hollis and I ran home and I fed her quickly because we had a 9:00 appointment.  Scott and I have been trying to work on getting our future in order. We have been meeting with a financial planner to help us better plan for our retirement and we are trying to get a will done.  Not that we have a lot to leave - but we just want to make sure in case something happens - everything is set up.  You just never know.

We came home after that and Hollis took a short nap while I made a few phone calls and answered a few emails and did a little straightening around the house.  I fed her and we went to meet my friend Melissa for lunch at Panera.  It is always fun to spend time with her. She's one of the kindest people I know.

We left lunch and headed to pick up Harper.  They have a playground not far from the parking lot and they always come outside to play about 15 minutes before it's time to go.  I love to pull up and watch Harper in action when she can't see me. It's just fun to see her interact. I can't wait for her to get her hearing aids because I think she will have a better time playing with kids once she can fully hear them.

We came home (after a brief stop at Sonic happy hour) and Harper had a snack while I fed Hollis and put her in the swing for a nap.  Harper and I tried to skype my dad but he wasn't online so we ended up being silly with photos.

Harper played outside for a while and soon Hollis was up from her nap and Scott was off work. Hallelujah! Scott helped with the girls and I did a few things around the house and got dinner ready (wasn't too hard because we had leftovers).  After we ate, I gave Harper her bath.  She didn't take a nap at "school" today and she has been ONE major meltdown all afternoon so I knew she was tired. We put her to bed early around 7 and you know she is tired when we asked if she was ready for bed and she actually said "yes" and then went to sleep before we even left her room!

I then gave Hollis a bath and put her to bed a little early too. She was showing a lot of signs of being tired too.  I'm going to try and do one more load of laundry, clean off my desk and do bills and then maybe go to bed before midnight myself.  I have something fun and new planned for us tomorrow!!!!

I also have to share my newest obsession.  There is a local tea room that I LOVE and they serve the BEST fruit with this amazing poppyseed dressing.  I've gone crazy over it and I will go and buy a pint from them from time to time but that's hard to do when you have to take two kids in with you (You know what I mean?) so I found some poppyseed dressing at Wal-Mart but it wasn't sweet enough but I tried mixing a few tsps of sugar with it (I know - but hey - better than oreos) and it is JUST RIGHT! Yum - I'm enjoying this and "The Voice" right now.  Hands down my favorite show right now!

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