Monday, June 27, 2011

Week in the Life: Monday

My day started about 5:45 when Hollis woke up. I fed her and thought about getting up for the day then but I was so tired so I went back to sleep. Harper woke up around 7:30 and that's when I got up. I went and got her and brought her to our room. Hollis woke up and I fed her a little early. It's just easier for me to feed her then. She had wet her pajamas so I had to change her diaper and change her. Then - of course - we made the bed. ha!

We came in the kitchen and I made Harper oatmeal and she got in her highchair and watched veggie tales while she ate. She is starting to eat more at the "big" table when we eat but for some meals and snacks - I still like to use the high chair. Hollis sat in her little bouncy chair and watched. I eat the same breakfast every day - Special K cereal. After we ate - we spent some time hanging out on the couch. I checked emails and twitter and blogs and Harper watched cartoons.

I put Hollis down for a nap around 9. Harper played in her room a little while I attempted to fold laundry. But then the bug man came to spray our house for bugs. (I don't know about where you live but flies and spiders are about to put me over the edge.) While the bug man was here - I heard from two separate friends who had AMAZING news. I had prayed specific prayer requests for these two friends so hearing wonderful answers absolutely made my day, week and month! I attempted to get dressed and ready (no shower this morning - that's just the way it works a lot of days). Hollis woke up around 11 and I fed her while Harper stayed in the room with me.

I got Harper ready and we headed out for an adventure. We had a little picnic lunch at Sonic and then went to the splash park. This is the only day we had to go and it was a little cloudy but I thought we would go anyway.

We got there and Harper was the ONLY kid there. I seriously thought maybe the rapture happened and we got left behind. ha!

After we left there - we went to the best snow cone stand in town and got a snow cone. We came home and I got Harper cleaned up and pajamas on and put down for a nap around 2. I then fed Hollis and hoped to get her down for a nap but she wasn't having it. Sigh. I will be so happy for the day they can both nap at the same time. Right now - I don't get a free moment until after 8:30 at night to do anything. (It's just a phase - that's what I tell myself when I feel really overwhelmed because nothing ever gets done).  Hollis was being fussy and wanted to be held so I just sat and held her and talked on the phone to a friend and then Harper woke up at 3:30.  Both girls were crying and fussing at this point.

Hollis finally fell asleep in my arms at 4 and I put her in her crib for a nap while I chased Harper around.  Some sweet friends from church came over and brought Hollis a baby gift and a cute bag for Harper with some books they had outgrown! That was so nice.

Harper helped me cook dinner.  She has a bunch of cute aprons and it's cute to put them on her and let her help every once in a while.  Scott got finished working a little after 5 and came to help me. I'm always SOOOOO relieved at 5 when he can help me.  I fed Hollis while he played with Harper.  Harper couldn't wait for our dinner to cook - she was hungry and begging for oatmeal so I fed her early.  She had breakfast for dinner: oatmeal, yogurt and a breakfast bar (all requested by her).

Scott and I ate later - we had pork tenderloin, rissotto, and green beans.  I cleaned up the kitchen while Scott played with Harper and then he gave her a bath. While he bathed her - I tried to work on laundry but Hollis was SO fussy and wouldn't settle down.

I love Harper right after her bath when she is clean and fresh. She always loves to run in our room and get in our bed. We usually lay in there at night and laugh and tickle and cuddle for a little bit.  We put her to bed and I took Hollis on a walk to try and settle her down.

Scott thought I might want to take a picture and write this down because rarely do I ever do any form of exercise. ha! Hollis fell right asleep on our walk so I've brought her in and I'm planning to shower and clean up and sit down and try to relax a little before bed.  It's been a full day.
Good Night!

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