Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Bullet Points

  • My heart hurts for the people of Joplin and Alabama and Tennessee and every where else tornados have hit recently.  I am scared of storms and I will occasionally get in my "safe place" when the weather men tell me too but now that I have babies and seeing the devastation that has hit so many places - I am TERRIFIED.  We spent a few hours in our closet on Sunday night.  It's so scary when the tornado sirens are going off right by our house.  They say tonight is going to have a big outbreak of tornados in OK and AR.  We have our monthly girls dinner tonight that I've been looking forward to but we are all cancelling because no way I can be away from my family.  Please pray for God to calm the storms tonight.  I don't care anything about losing my possessions (even though that would be terrible) - but I want my family and friends to be safe.

I think next year we may have to look into getting one of these safe rooms.  There just really isn't anywhere safe in our house.  Every room is on an outside wall and/or has windows.  I HATE this time of year. I am trusting God to protect us but I'm still scared to death.

  • On happier notes - Harper is doing really good with potty training.  She even will say "I need to go potty" and run into the bathroom and go herself! And she is so funny and particular about the process. She has to get her stool positioned just right in front of the toilet and has to take everything off. ha! And then she has to wash her hands just a certain way afterwards! ha! And the other wonderful thing at our house is Hollis has slept 8 and 9 hour stretches the last few nights - so she is basically sleeping through the night!!! (and NOW I have ruined it by saying it out loud and she will be up every 2 hours tonight) ha!  You just don't realize what a blessing that is after it took almost two YEARS before Harper slept through the night. (and the funny thing is - I haven't done anything different - they are just different kids).
  • I was trying to take a picture of Harper today and this is how almost all of them turned out.  She wouldn't hold still for one second. Taking pictures of toddlers is a challenge. ha! And Hollis was sleeping so I didn't get any pics of her yet today.  She stayed in the nursery at Bible Study today.........oh my baby is growing too fast!
  • This is totally off the subject but I LOVE costume jewelry - the gaudier the better. And I have no where good to keep it.  I bought a plastic silverware tray and have been storing it there and that works okay but it was still crazy.  I recently cleaned out our closet and this section between the shoes came empty so last week I found this bulletin board at Hobby Lobby and it's perfect for hanging necklaces. How do you store your jewelry??

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