Monday, May 23, 2011

SIX ingredients Giveaway

First - I have to say please pray for the people of Joplin, Mo. They are an hour north of us and I'm sure you have seen that 75% of their town was wiped out. It's devastating. We spent a good part of the night in our "safe place" under tornado warning and it's terrifying. SO many this year have lost everything or their lives or loved ones. Pray and help if you can - there are always many ways to give.

I've heard from a lot of you that really enjoyed Friday's Recipe link up!!! ME too!!! Next week we are doing appetizers and then desserts! If you have other ideas - you can let me know those too maybe we will do those as well! I need to put links to the posts up on my sidebar so you can easily get to them in the future. Promise to work on that!!!!

Going on almost the same thing.................I have an exciting giveaway contest!! Y'all know I'm not big on give aways and rarely do them but the people at American Express talked to me about doing something and I thought it would be fun AND someone will be very happy if they win!!!

In honor of the 6% cash back on groceries on their new card..............I am going to be doing a contest looking for the best SIX INGREDIENT (or less) main dish! I'm posting my favorite 6 ingredient meal and then in the comments - I want you to leave your 6 ingredient recipe and I'm going to pick the one that sounds the very best and that person is going to win ...............a $600 American Express gift card!!!! Couldn't you use that to buy groceries? Or anything?????

The winner will be picked on Monday, June 6th! All the action is taking place over at my review blog so come enter and see my favorite 6 ingredient meal!

· To learn more about the Blue Cash Preferred and Blue Cash Everyday cards, visit .

I am not being compensated by American Express or OPR for this in any way - just thought it would be fun for my readers!


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