Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Growing Fast

We are so thankful that we survived the storms last night.  A little town near us was wiped out.  Please keep remembering all those who have been hit so hard.  Our church ended up opening their basement so we went there to wait out the storm.  I'm so glad we did. We were with most of our friends and it was so nice to let Harper just play with her little friends instead of sit in a closet for hours.  It helped the time go by and I felt so much safer.  But it was a long night. We didn't leave the church until after midnight and there were a LOT of very tired and fussy toddlers in that place! :-)

We got up a little late today but today was Harper's last day of MDO!  She was so excited to go because they were playing outside today. I know she will be worn out when she gets home.

I just can't get over how much she has changed between her first day in August and her last day today. It seems like she has grown a foot!! She has grown and blossomed so much since that day.  I thought she was SO big when I took her and her little backpack on that first day.  She cried and hung on to my leg when I dropped her off.  Now she runs in and barely looks back at me.  It's hard to believe how much she can change in 9 months.  Now I'm wondering what she will be like in another 9 months.  By then Hollis will be almost one and I can't imagine that either.

Well I'm off to have a moment with myself and sing a few songs like "Sunrise, Sunset" and "Butterfly Kisses" ha ha ha ha!

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