Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Testimonies, A Dress and A shopper

 Today we went to Bible Study at church.  It was one of those RARE mornings where the stars all aligned and Harper slept until almost 8 (normally it's 6) and I was able to easily get up and get ready and get both girls fed and ready and out the door.  It's nice when we start our day that way!

Our pastor's wife shared her testimony today and it was so good.  If you aren't in the ministry or your family is not in the ministry - you have no idea how hard it is to be in that position.  It can be a lonely place to be. People expect you to be perfect when you are just human.  If you have a pastor and wife you love - let them know!!!
We also watched a video about J.J. Jasper, a DJ on American Family Radio who lost his 5 year old son in a freak accident two years ago.  It's one of the saddest things I've ever seen (most of us were audibly sobbing) but it also is such a message of hope in the midst of a terrible storm.  If you have questions of "why?" - I would encourage you to go to www.flameon.net and click on the "watch" tab. I think you will be encouraged. (Take your make-up off first).  It will make you hug your kids a little tighter.

I finally got the girls' coming home dress framed in a shadow box and I LOVE how it turned out.  Hopefully I'll get it hung soon (hint hint Scott!) :-)  I think it's just so sweet.  (and for all of you worried about what I will do if we have a third child.......................unless God ordains it Himself - I think we are done. I'm so thankful for the two girls I have).

This afternoon I had to run to T J Maxx and return something and I thought I would brave it with both girls.  Harper was on her best behaviour and she was making me laugh because she would pick up a pair of shoes and say "Oh I LIKE these shoes" or pick up a purse and say "OH, I like this bag!"  I think I have a shopping buddy on my hands! She brings me unspeakable joy.

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