Monday, May 16, 2011

Hollis is Two Months Old!

Hollis - you are TWO months old today!
I'm not sure how this happened because I swear I was just in the hospital having you! I'm scared the next 10 months will go by equally as fast and that makes me sad.

You go to the doctor this week and we will find out your stats but you are wearing a size 1 diaper and 0-3 months clothes and some 3-6 months. You are probably around 12 pounds if I had to guess.

You are the EASIEST, sweetest baby. You are so content unless you are really hungry!

You go everywhere because we are busy! You have been to church for the last 4-5 weeks. Everyone always comments on how easy and sweet you are!

You are a great sleeper. You take several good naps during the day and at night you really only get up about once. Last night you even had a 7 hour stretch! I can't believe how good you sleep! I'm SO thankful!

You love the pacifier and it helps to keep you calm.

You love your car seat - you take the best naps in it. You do great in the car which is good because we are on the go a lot.

You also love the swing. You sleep so good in it. A lot of nights we start off in the swing before moving to your pack and play halfway through the night.

You have really started smiling and responding to us. You "talk" to us and make the sweetest noises. You really love your sister and love to watch her. You smile so big when she talks to you and Harper always says "She's smiling!!" She loves taking care of you. She LOVES to give you your paci and put blankets on you and to help fasten your car seat. She is so motherly with you. I know you are going to be best friends!!!

I loved your sister so much as a baby (and now) but my love has doubled! I am just crazy about you! I smile every day just thinking how thankful I am for my sweet precious girl! You have blessed my life so much!

And because I'm a math and stats nerd - I like to compare and contrast!

Harper and Hollis at two months. They still don't look alike to me.

Hollis at one and two months - she is filling out and growing!

Note: I get almost all their matching dresses from or They have great deals on smocked dresses but you have to check back frequently and look first thing in the morning or everything will be gone. (Check around 8:30 or so) And it takes about 2-3 weeks to get things. But the prices are worth it!

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