Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doctor's Visit and School Firsts

Hollis had her two month doctor's visit this morning.  Scott went with us.  She was 12 lbs and 6 oz (85%) and 23.5 inches long (85%).  She's a big girl.  I couldn't believe she had grown 2.5 inches in just 2 months! She was SO good. She had to get her shots and she cried for just a second.  I just can't get over what a sweet, easy baby she is.  SO thankful for a healthy report!

Harper had some firsts today.  She got her first "school" picture!! This will be her first of many! I totally forgot she had school pictures that day so I'm glad I had her dressed cute anyway. ha! After MDO today, Emily was going home with her friend Sarah Grace so Laurie offered to take Harper home with her for a couple of hours to play with Sarah Kate.  It wasn't Harper's first play date but it was the first time for her to go home with a friend.  Such a big girl!! It won't be long till there will be slumber parties and friends coming over to play all the time!

I'm thankful for MDO for many reasons but I'm so glad I've had a chance to spend a little one on one time with Hollis! I feel like she doesn't get as much attention because Harper needs SO much of my attention.  I told Scott last night that when Harper goes to college - I'll have two years of just Hollis.  But neither of us want to think about that ANYTIME soon!
(Do you see her big dimple???)

Love this sweet pea!

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